1 – Strengthen security and lower risk – Compromised identities caused by weak, stolen or default user credentials are a threat to organizations. With centralized visibility into access data, you can detect and address inappropriate access, policy violations or weak controls that put your organization at risk.

2 – Improve compliance and audit performance – Identity access governance allows organizations to verify that the right controls are in place to meet the security and privacy requirements of regulations like SOX, HIPPA and GDPR. You can establish more repeatable practices for a more consistent, auditable, reliable, and easier to manage access certification effort.

3 – Deliver fast, efficient access to the business – By giving your users timely access to the resources they need to do their job, identity governance enables them to become more productive. It also empowers business users to request access and manage passwords, which reduces the workload on Helpdesk and IT operations teams. With automated policy enforcement, identity access governance allows you to meet service level requirements without compromising security or compliance.

4 – Reduce operational cost – Identity access governance automates labor intensive processes such as certifications and password resets. This can reduce the time IT staff spends on administrative tasks.

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Today, more than ever, organizations need to protect who has access to their applications and data. At MacIsaac Consulting, we help companies put a framework of policies and technologies in place. This ensures the right people have access to the right resources at the right time for the right reasons. 

Four ways identity access governance benefits your business:

Companies turn to MacIsaac Consulting to deliver their cyber security and identity and access management (IAM) programs. We have successfully delivered IAM programs for fortune 500 organizations in various industries including financial services and healthcare.