The MacIsaac Consulting Recruiting Process

Our recruiters have established connections gained over the years to identify top talent. We have available to us many of the industry leading online tools. When a resource is identified we will meet in person to screen the candidate for technical competency, interpersonal skills, reliability, and finally specific culture fit.

How Our Staffing Is Different

MacIsaac Consulting will not submit a candidate to any opening until that candidate has been reviewed and passed two critical criteria. First, basic skills. Our recruiters are responsible for initial screening against our customers’ requirements. We look beyond the written opening and strive to find candidates that are self-starters, self-learners and demonstrate a commitment to ensure the success of the engagement. Second, we ask a different member of our recruiting and account management staff to meet with the candidate in person. This interview step is looking for a culture fit with the client, by that we mean a level of understanding and commitment to process, ability to interact with different organizations, and levels of technical acumen in the customer’s organizations.